Silvia de Bianchi in the Barcelona's “Disputatio”

Disputatio Silvia de Bianchi
Our researcher  Silvia de Bianchi was one of the protagonists of the last "Disputatio" of Barcelona, -November 13 at the IEC-, "A New Humanism for the 21st Century? Specialisation vs. No. Generalisation"


From Plato’s famous circle of learning (enkyklios paideia) to the studium generale of the Middle Ages and the uomo universale of the Renaissance, education was conceived of as an integrated deployment of one‘s capacities that embraced all fields of knowledge. By contrast, today highly specialised expertise in terms of narrowly defined regional competences is required in virtually all domains, increasing the gap between humanities and the sciences while raising fundamental questions about how we wish to understand ourselves as knowing subjects. The participating disputantesdebated key notions such as specialisation, generalisation, interdisciplinarity, humanities, science, development and realisation of the individual, etc., offered us their analyses of the present as well as their visions for the future..

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