Public Knowledge Project recognises the UAB as a strategic partner

Public Knowledge Project

The UAB's commitment to open source scientific publications has resulted in being invited to form part as a strategic partner of the Public Knowledge Project, association in charge of promoting the dissemination of knowledge with no social, cultural or economic restrictions.


Public Knowledge Project (PKP), an initiative led by the Canadian University of British Columbia and the Simon Fraser University, in addition to Stanford University in the US to promote unrestricted open access to knowledge and scientific publications, recently invited the UAB to become one of the project's strategic partners.

PKP is a not-for-profit initiative established by the Faculty of Education of the University of British Columbia in 1998 with the aim of disseminating knowledge without social, cultural or economic restrictions and improving the quality of scientific publications. In the past twenty years, the organisation has worked towards reaching this goal, which has consolidated it as a leading institution concerning open source scientific papers. In order to do so, PKP has created a set of free open source software tools which help manage and publish free articles, books and conferences.

The initiative has now become a collective project, led by the University of British Columbia and the Simon Fraser University, and Stanford University, with the participation of other universities and organisations from around the world in different aspects such as sponsorship, development, translations, documentation, etc. The UAB Publishing Service, together with the Tradumàtica research group, began a collaboration with the PKP in 2010 on the translation into Catalan and Spanish of the open source software Open Journal Systems, Open Monograph Press and Open Conference Systems.

This task, alongside the active participation in the community and decision-making processes, as well as sharing codes, has led to the PKP recognising the UAB as a strategic partner, a recognition shared with other organisations such as SciELO, Redalyc, ORCID and Google Scholar, among others. The acknowledgement consolidates the relationship between the two institutions and places the UAB internationally as a leading provider of open source scientific knowledge.

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