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New UAB tool enables easier access to online subscription resources

31 Jan 2023
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The UAB Library Services offer the ARE+, a browser extension that allows accessing UAB online subscription contents and makes academic and research material searches easier.

ARE + Biblioteques

ARE+ is an extension available for the most common browsers. Once installed, it gives users access to different online subscription resources, such as El Quiosc (containing media, newspapers, journals, open-access press, etc.), subscription books accessible directly from commercial platforms such as Amazon (with notices if the book is available at the library), scientific papers, etc.

The tool includes a pop-up that automatically appears when the user is navigating on a site containing subscription contents, without the need to check in the Searcher. The extension also alerts users when an article is available in another site, allows checking different versions of the document available in open access, and informs about similar resources based on the search conducted in different search engines. If users are looking for a document not found in the UAB libraries databases, ARE+ will direct users to an open access version on another site, in case there were one.

The UAB libraries encourage the university community (students and staff members) to use ARE+ and make the most out of its online resources. Any questions or doubts can be sent to us by filling out this form.


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