New guide to UAB experts

Directori d'expertes i d'experts de la UAB

The UAB offers the media a new guide to experts with the aim of bringing university-generated knowledge closer to society. The guide includes a search engine to find information on lecturers and researchers offering their expertise.


The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona has made available a new Guide to UAB Experts, a directory to help increase knowledge transfer to society and specifically through the media.

The new tool, available in Catalan, Spanish and English, allows users to search for an expert lecturer or researcher in a specific field through keywords, or directly introducing the name of the expert. The result then offers a short description of the person's field of expertise, with keywords describing their activities, and the department and area to which they belong, contact information and a link to their profile included in the global research identifier database ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID), with more detailed information on their academic and research activity.

The guide is currently in the consolidation phase and open to the participation of all UAB researchers. To participate please fill out this form.

More information: UAB Experts Guide


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