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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

International Day of Women and Girls in Science at the UAB

05 Feb 2024
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This year, the UAB is commemorating this anniversary with a wide range of activities during the months of February and March. Faculties, libraries, research institutes, departments and female researchers are once again joining in the objective of giving visibility to the key role of women in the scientific and technological community and promoting girls' access to the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Exposició pel Dia Internacional de la Dona i la Nena a la Ciència

The Faculties of Science and Biosciences, the School of Engineering and the Library of Science and Technology (BCT), with the support of the Observatory for Equality, will be offering different activities from 5 February to 8 March. The first activity is the exhibition "Women Scientists and Engineers to Come", which can be visited from 9 February to 10 March in the displays of the BCT and the general hall. Associated with the exhibition, the following activities will also be taking place in the BCT Space: 

- Bibliographic exhibition "Women Scientists Popularise Science!", from 5 February to 8 March, with varied and informative literary proposals written by or about women in science, organised by the BCT

- "Scikus with Perspective", on 13 February at 1:00 p.m.. Debate and reading of poems that combine science and haikus as a way of raising awareness of women scientists. Activity organised by the BCT and the Catalan Association of Scientific Communication (ACCC).

- Colloquium "The Women Scientists and Technologists to Come"on 20 February at 1:30 p.m., on artificial intelligence and the opportunity that arises for the involvement of women in conditions of equality from the outset. Participants will include Alexandra Gómez, PhD student in computer vision; Júlia Laguna, graduate in Mathematics and Physics, winner of a LaCaixa and Microsoft Wonnow grant for women in STEM; and Patricia Ayma, president and CTO of VEnvirotech Biotechnology.

- "Hypatia Mars, Exploring the Future of Space", on 27 February at 1:30 p.m. Talk on the experience of the Hypatia I crew and presentation of the new challenge that the second crew will face, by Neus Sabaté from the Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona (IMB-CNM-CSIC) and Helena Arias, student of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering at the UPC.

- Women's self-defence workshop, on 13 March at 5 p.m., in collaboration with the University's Physical Activity Service (SAF), in its sports facilities.

In addition, on 7 February and under the framework of #100tífiques, an FCRI initiative co-organised with BIST, some twenty researchers from the University will share their life experience and professional careers with children from all over Catalonia. Participants include Adelina Vallribera, Alejandra Guerrero, Anna Soler, Elena Olivera, Elena Hernández del Amo, Esther Julián, Esther Molina, Imma Martínez Rovira, Montserrat Rivera del Alamo, Marta García Prats, Natalia Ciria, Teresa Imperial, Zainab Ul Kausar, Jesica Maiaraq Soder Walz, Estefanía Nathaly Eras, Anna Jordana, Lynne McIntyre and Susanna Navarro.

Between 5 and 16 February, researchers from the Institute of Biotechnology and Biomedicine (IBB) Mercedes Márquez, Tamara Fernández, María Isabel Pividori, Patricia Eliana, Aurora Ruiz, Marga Julià and Marina Marcos will be giving talks to secondary and high school students in several schools in Barcelona, Mataró, Sabadell, Terrassa and Castellar del Vallès.

On 8 February, the Institut de Neurociències (INc) will be giving a talk on women and neuroscience to high school students in Sant Cugat, in which researchers Joana Garcia and Nuria Gaja explain the research they carry out in the laboratory on neuroplasticity and regeneration and present various important women in the history of neuroscience. Another activity is the exhibition on women and the scientific world for students of the secondary school of Santa Coloma de Cervelló.


Also on 8 February at 7:00 p.m., researcher in the Department of Psychobiology and Health Science Methodologies Roser Granero participates in the 7th IDIBELL Science sLHam “Women Scientists Take to the Stage". Granero, researcher in health behaviours and statistical analyst, will conduct part of her research with the group Psychoneurobiology of Eating and Addictive Conducts at the institute. The event will take place at the Auditori Barradas, L’Hospitalet.

With the title "Women in Science: when superpowers are real", on 11 February, ICTA-UAB is launching a campaign to vindicate the importance of women in science with a video that shows in a fun way the most outstanding personal and scientific qualities of its researchers and their contribution to a better science.

The Department of Psychiatry is organising the second edition of the biannual Workshop on Gender Perspective: Gender Medicine meets Psychiatry and Forensic Medicine, which will be held on 9 February. The activity is part of the line of work on gender perspective that the Department has adopted in the follow-up evaluations of its doctoral programme and which ensures the implementation of the gender perspective in its research and doctoral theses.

The Doctoral School is organising a colloquium on 15 February at 1:00 p.m. on women researchers in training versus doctoral thesis supervisors, with the participation of doctoral students Iris Parra, from the PhD programme in Philosophy, and Cristina Madrid, from the PhD programme in Cell Biology. School Director Inma Ponte will also be taking part in this event, which will be held in the Carles Perelló Room of the Doctoral School.

Finally, a session on "Female Entrepreneurship" will take place on 13 March from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies. The activity will include presentations and round tables with the participation of the school's alumni entrepreneurs, Faculty Dean Judith Panadès, and Vice-Rector for Innovation Transfer and Entrepreneurship Rosa Maria Sebastián.

The UAB, with Sustainable Development Goals

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