Euraxess is now closer to Early Stage Researchers

Mapa d'una Europa interconnectada

The Doctoral School offers an online course to make the Euraxess initiative more familiar to PhD candidates.


Since last January, early stage researchers enrolled in a UAB doctoral programme can take the course “All you need to know to be a researcher in Europe” via Aula Moodle. This is an online seminar free of charge where the European Commission initiatives to boost the professional career of researchers are detailed. Thus, the course goes into detail about the Charter and Code for Researchers, the HRS4R excellence logo in human resources and the importance of transferable skills. This course also presents the Euraxess portal, where researchers can find job offers, support for international mobility and a lot of information on how to boost their professional career.

The course has been very well received so far and, according to most of the PhD candidates who have already taken it, it is a “necessary” and “essential” seminar to know how research works in the European context.

This is one of the various initiatives to spread the Euraxess initiative among the UAB community.


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