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Dramatised reading to discover Hannah Arendt, a visionary author who continues to influence us nowadays

30 May 2023
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The actress and the UAB Faculty of Education student Gemma Martínez is organising the dramatised reading “Hannah Arendt, a reading” on Wednesday 7 June at 1.30pm at the UAB Theatre, which delves into the written legacy of the German writer and political theorist.

Hannah Arendt

In recent years, Hannah Arendt's work has captivated the attention of scholars and students, making her one of the most cited and studied authors in various fields of knowledge. Her interrogation of issues such as freedom, politics and the human condition means that her writings remain highly relevant today.

Arendt, a fascinating and complex figure, has been the subject of a transversal project by Gemma in the subject “Looking at the World” in the Faculty of Education Sciences at the UAB, with which she has managed to obtain a more complete vision of her thought.

“Who is Hannah Arendt? This simple question is the driving force behind a project that has naturally led to a reading, a brushstroke, an approach to the figure of one of the most quoted and studied authors of recent years”, explains Martínez.

Arendt's work presents multiple dimensions and interpretations, challenging readers to question and understand her ideas. Martínez adds that “the courage of her questioning of the world makes her thoughts endure and make sense today”. As a result, “Hannah Arendt, a reading” is an opportunity to discover the German writer and political theorist, whose reflections still resonate in our society.

“Before stretching any thread of thought from her extensive oeuvre, I needed to approach her slowly. To do so, I have let her present herself, paying attention to the image she had of herself and what she wrote about, based on interviews, her participation in debates, her correspondence or short fragments of her work,” Martínez highlights.

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