Declaration of the Committee of Control of Robotic Weapons


Lecturers Roser Martínez and Joaquim Rodríguez from the Faculty of Law participated in a meeting with governmental experts of the UN and NGOs under the framework of the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons, to reach the prohibition of lethal autonomous weapon systems, known as Killers Robots.


The event took place on 21, 22 and 23 November in Geneva and the two UAB lecturers were selected to write up and read the official statement of the International Committee for Robot Arms Control (ICRAC) in front of a United Nation's plenary session in Geneva.

In their statement, the ICRAC and other organisations involved in the Stop Killer Robots campaign, in representation of a large part of international civil society, "urge the Convention to lay the foundations for the elaboration of an international treaty whose main objective is to prohibit preventive way autonomous weapons in clear application of the precautionary principle.”. For the organisations signing the statement: “Decisions to end human life must be made by humans and in a non-arbitrary way to be justified”.

The full statement can be found here.


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