A score of 13.418 in Physics+Mathematics is once again the highest entrance mark in Catalonia


Twenty-seven UAB bachelor's degrees have cut-off marks which are above 10 points for this 2019/20 academic year. Among them, the double bachelor's degree in Physics and Mathematics is once again the highest cut-off mark in the Catalan university system, with 13.418 over 14.


The UAB's combined degree in Physics and Mathematics has the highest cut-off mark in Catalonia, with 13.418 over 14. The good acceptance of the undergraduate programmes at the UAB for the 2019/20 academic year is reflected in the cut-off marks, which place 27 bachelor's degree (two of them interuniversity programmes) above the 10 points cut-off mark and leaves the newly created degrees in a good position for this new academic year.

In addition to Physics + Mathematics, more UAB double degrees also have cut-off marks which are above 10. Physics + Chemistry (12.728), Political Science Public Administration + Sociology (11.492), Political Science Public Administration + Law (11.042), Criminology + Law (10.800) and Early Childhood Education + Primary Education (10.630). With regard to interuniversity degrees, two degrees scored higher than 12: Philosophy, Politics and Economics offered by the Alliance of 4 Universities (12.888) and Medicine UAB-Pompeu Fabra University (12.648).

The remaining programmes with cut-off marks above 10 are Biomedical Sciences (12.392), Medicine (12.314), Physics (11.972), Genetics (11.866), Veterinary Medicine (11.641), International Relations (11.606), Biochemistry (11.326), Mathematics (11.258), Microbiology (11.184), Biotechnology (11.132), Advertising and Public Relations (10.972), Computational Mathematics and Data Analytics (10.920), Biology (10.762), Nursing (10.794), Environmental Biology (10.609), Audiovisual Communication (10.410), Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (10.244), Physiotherapy (10.276) and Journalism (10.110).

These results place the UAB as the university in Catalonia with the greatest number of bachelor's degrees with cut-off marks above 10. It also shows the good results reached by the new degrees to be offered at the Faculty of Communication Studies: Organisational Communication (9.420) and Interactive Communication (7.826).

Enrolment for first-year students who have been admitted to their first option studies will take place starting on 15 July. The UAB offers its new students an enrolment website with information on necessary documents, timetables, payment options and other aspects of the enrolment process.

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