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The UAB dedicates this year to mental health

18 Sep 2023
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The UAB will be dedicating the 2023/24 academic year to the topic of mental health. This year's slogan is "La salut mental està en joc #guanyemlapartida" and a variety of activities will be held throughout the year.

Cartell curs 2022-2023 dedicat a la Salut Mental

Mental health problems are part of our lives and just another circumstance, not an element preventing us from fulfilling the rest of our capacities. In recent years, particularly since the global pandemic, there has been an increase in mental health problems among the population, as is well known and numerous studies have reported.

That is why one of the objectives of this campaign, entitled "La salut mental està en joc #guanyemlapartida" [Mental Health at Stake, Let's Win the Match], is to eliminate the stigma of mental health problems and help members of both the university community and the general public to acquire the tools needed to allow them to recover and improve their quality of life.

This year will start off with the academic year's inaugural speech, entitled "Trencant barreres: la salut mental i el benestar en joc, una prioritat del nou milꞏlenni?" [Breaking Barriers: Mental Health and Wellbeing at Stake, a Priority in this New Millennium].  The speech will be given by Professor Joan Deus from the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology and Care Coordinator of the Psychology and Speech Therapy Service (SPL) of the Faculty of Psychology, UAB. The inaugration will take place on 28 September at 12:30 p.m. and will also be streamed live on the UAB's YouTube channel.

From 26 September to 3 October, the UAB also organises its Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Promotion Week, which will include activities under the #Triolavida workshops — a proposal open to all universities by the Catalan Government's Ministry for Health. It will also include activities aimed at all members of the university community, all of which are free, although some require prior registration: workshops, cinema, debates, interactive experiences, conferences, fairs, treasure hunts, etc. The full list of the activities can be viewed here.

September is also the month in which the "Vagó de la Ciència" will start to function. This joint initiative created by the UAB and the FGC trains will offer each year a monothematic interactive exhibition on scientific topics in the trains passing through the UAB campus. In this first edition, the exhibition will focus on mental health.

Other additional activities that will be offered throughout the year are the La Comunitària de la UAB (fair of entities found on campus), the 3rd Inclusive Art Week, the 14th Health and Sustainability Week, as well as other workshops and activities on human rights and mental health, eating disorders, unwanted loneliness, and anxiety and stress.

For more information on the UAB Mental Health programme please visit:

«La salut mental està en joc #guanyemlapartida»