At 13.566, Physics + Mathematics once again reaches the highest entrance mark in Catalonia


Thirty-nine of the UAB's degrees hold an entrance mark over 10 in this first allocation of places for the 2021/22 academic year. Among these, 10 have entrance marks over 12 and one, the bachelor's degree in Physics and Mathematics, reached an entrance mark of 13.566. First-year students will be able to enrol online starting this week.


As in previous years, the UAB bachelor's degree in Physics + Mathematics is the degree with the highest entrance mark in all of the Catalan university system (a total of 13.566 over 14) in the first allocation of places for this 2021/22 academic year.

Among the bachelor's degrees offered by the UAB, 39 are above an entrance mark of 10 points. And among these, 10 are above the 12-point entrance mark. In addition to Physics + Mathematics, the other degrees are Physics + Chemistry (12.877), Medicine (12.828), Biomedical Sciences (12.785), Philosophy, Politics and Economics (12.716, an interuniversity degree offered by the A4U alliance), Mathematics (12.492), Physics (12.480), Genetics (12.290), Political Science and Public Administration + Law (12.164) and Veterinary Medicine (12.044).

Another sixteen bachelor's degrees reached the 11-point entrance mark, and many of the UAB's new degrees were chosen by several first-year students: Artificial Intelligence (10.572), Science, Technology and Humanities (10.436, offered by the A4U alliance) and Contemporary History, Politics and Economics (8.002).

A total of 5,728 students were allocated in the bachelor's degree of their first choice at the UAB. This represents 22.2% of the total of the Catalan university system. The bachelor's degrees at the UAB with the highest number of applications are Medicine, Psychology and Veterinary Medicine, all three pertaining to the health science sector.

The UAB will make online enrolment available for all first-year students. The process will begin this week. For more information on dates for each bachelor's degree, documents students will need and the enrolment procedure, please check the enrolment page of the UAB website.

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