El Mundo highlights 13 UAB master's degrees amongst the best in their specialisation

The newspaper El Mundo recently published a special edition on master's degree programmes in which 13 of the UAB's master's degrees were listed amongst the top five in their specialisation.


The newspaper's special supplement covers five of the best master's degree programmes in 15 areas of knowledge, divided into various subcategories. Among the top five in each subcategory (indicated in parentheses) are the master's degrees offered by the UAB in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biomedicine (Biosciences), Advanced Biotechnology (Biotechnology), Experimental Chemistry (Experimental and Technological Sciences), Inter-Mediterranean Mediation (Cooperation), Creative Documentary Making (Audiovisual), Business and Institutional Communication (Business Communication), School Library and Reading Promotion (Teaching), Euroasian Business Management (Foreign Trade), Translation and IT (Publishing and Translation), Geographic Information (Computer Sciences), Paediatric Infectious Diseases (Medical Specialisations), Neuropsychology (Clinical Psychology) and Public Health (Public Health and Emergency Care Services).
The supplement lists the 250 best graduate programmes from the more than 1,200 programmes analysed. Information was gathered thanks to the collaboration of over 600 experts, including lecturers, former students and collaborating firms. The programmes were classified according to 26 objective criteria and four basic points: the programme had to offer classroom-based learning, be given - at least partially - in Spain, include a minimum of 500 elective hours and have already completed at least four editions.


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