Criteria for management

A working group on landscaping was formed in 2007, involving UAB lecturers and specialists from the Infrastructure and Maintenance Unit, the Environment Office and the landscaping firm under contract to the UAB. This group aims to apply sustainability criteria in the management of the UAB's landscaped areas, both pre-existing and new. In the existing areas the criteria will be applied gradually, whenever improvement work is to be carried out.

Sustainable landscaping is landscaping that adjusts to the characteristics of the natural environment, making use of native or well-adapted species in order to achieve a system that is more rational and efficient in its use of resources (consumption of water, pesticides and fertilisers) and in maintenance work.

A framework document is currently being drafted to establish the sustainability criteria for landscaped areas and specify the species that fulfill these criteria.

In principle, the sustainability criteria for landscaped areas in the UAB are as follows.

  1. Mainly make use of species that are native or well-adapted to the planting area.
  2. Increase biodiversity.
  3. Reduce and optimise the use of water.
  4. Move towards minimum maintenance.