Normativa d'ús públic del campus

In order to regulate the permitted uses and activities in agroforestry areas and the landscape gardens of the campus Bellaterra, in 2006 was approved the “Reglament d’ús públic dels espais agroforestals del campus de Bellaterra de la UAB” (Resolution 45/2006 of the Council of Government of the UAB).

Activities regulated by the "Reglament ús públic" of the campus UAB:
Activities Permissions/requirements necessary


(fulfilling the requirements of the "Reglament")
Wood harvesting. Only for home use.
Harvesting of fruits, mushrooms and asparagus. Only for home use.
Hunting with falconry. Corresponding permission is required. Restricted to working periods of hunting.
Need for UAB permission
to be made available  to the OMA)
Harvesting of pines.

The licence of Generalitat is also necessary.
You must comply with the instructions of the corresponding command.
Teaching and research activities. Compatible with conservation.
Leisure activities and sports. Compatible with conservation.
Shootings and other activities not contemplated in the "Reglament". Compatible with conservation.
Works. It's necessary to take the appropriate protection mesures.
Discharges of pollutants and waste into the water, soil or air.
Make a fire on the campus.
Circulation of motorized vehicles off the streets and authorised paths.
Circulation in bicycle through streams, fieldsand paths less than 3 metres wide.
Parking outside of the designed areas.