Social mentoring in the university¿s orchard

L'hort aula es cultiva per estudiants del programa d'acollida

The pilot project "Social and agroecological mentoring" which develops social mentoring around the classroom orchard of the Faculty of Education Sciences starts.


In time with planting the orchard, the pilot project "Social and agro-ecological mentoring" begins. This is a volunteer activity of the social support program for people in search of refuge. The aim is for the mentoring meetings to take place around the classroom project of the Faculty of Education Sciences.

This project is led by the Hort-Aula coordination team and the team of the social mentoring volunteer program of the FAS Refugee Program. It is based on the creation of social support links (mentoring) for refugees living on the UAB campus and university students, through a joint project, the care and maintenance of the Hort-Aula de la UAB. The support is supervised by the refugee volunteer team.

This project is a new opportunity to continue making the UAB community through the exchange of knowledge and practices, in this case through permaculture. This social mentoring format is an innovation for the set of activities carried out by social mentoring volunteers while expanding the social fabric that makes use of the garden.