FAS volunteering will close the course in an online session

ACte Cloenda Voluntariat

On June 10 there will be an online closing event to close the course with the FAS volunteers. It will feature interventions by some of the protagonists of the programs and there will be participatory dynamics that will allow for an assessment of the course.



The FAS organizes on June 10 from 12 noon to 1 pm a closing ceremony of the 2019-2020 academic year. The meeting will take place through the Zoom platform and it is expected that it will have a very participatory format so that all those linked to the volunteer programs can express their experience. The program of the day is as follows: it will begin with a first welcome by those in charge of the FAS and then go on to listen to some of the protagonists of the volunteer programs. His voice will allow us to know the rest of the attendees what their experience has been participating in a voluntary activity. Then, they will be made dynamic through participatory applications and that will allow to make a balance of the agile and visual course. And to conclude the session, a surprise is prepared that will excite us. Volunteers, we encourage you to attend the event! You just have to fill out the registration form. If you fly more information about the conference, you can write to fas.voluntariat@uab.cat