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Video conference: "Audiovisual Anthropology, Disciplinary Consolidation and New Challenges"

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Event details

For decades, Visual Anthropology was under debate for its promising contributions to the discipline, but the weak role it could have at institutional level. However, things have changed in the past twenty years: the generalisation of recording equipment and digital editing, alongside the proliferation of computer platforms reaching global audiences, has exponentially multiplied the amount of productions and transformed how reality is brought closer through images and sound (hence why the conference speaker proposes naming this Audiovisual Anthropology). In this session, some of the challenges faced by this growing hypervisual sector will be commented on, as well as their effects on research into Social and Human Sciences.

The conference will be offered by Jordi Grau, lecturer in the UAB Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology.

The session is open to the general public and will be available online at this link

The video conference forms part of the open conference series organised by the University Master's Degree in Digital Humanities and Heritage, offered jointly by the UAB and the UPF.