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PIUNE information sessions for students with disabilities or specific educational needs

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Event details

On 22 September, the PIUNE support service will offer an information session for new UAB students with disabilities or specific educational needs.

The objective of the session is to introduce the PIUNE support services to new students and inform them about all the services available to them, in addition to offering guidance, tips and answers to some of the most frequent questions. Each year, the PIUNE works to offer a tailor-made programme for each student, according to their needs: mobility support, educational support, adapted materials, mediation with teaching staff, improved access to lecture halls, etc.

For more information please visit: https://www.uab.cat/web/sala-de-premsa/detall-noticia/sessio-informativa-dels-serveis-d-inclusio-de-la-uab-1345474578652.html?noticiaid=1345864951009