Master Committee

Composition of the Master Committee of the Faculty of Law
(Faculty Board of Law Agreement dated 6-03-2017 and subsequent modifications due to changes in academic positions)

Dra. Susana Navas

Secretary: Secretary of the Faculty.  Coordinator Alumni
Dra. Mª Carmen Navarro

Board members:
Vice-dean for Students and Employability
Dr. Albert Pastor

Vice-dean for Sustainability and coordinator of the BA degree in Law:
Dra. Núria Reynal

Vice-dean and Coordinator of BA Degree in RR. LL and coordinator of internships RR. LL and TFGs:
Dra. Olga Paz Torres

Vice-dean for quality and teaching innovation. Coordinator of the BA Degree in Criminology: 
Dr. Josep Cid Moliné

Director Dpt. Public Law and Legal History Studies:
Dra. Carolina Gala Durán

Director Dpt. Political Science and Public Law: 
Dra. M. José Cuenca García

Director Dpt. Private Law:
Dr. Josep M. de Dios Marcer

Academic manager of the Faculty: 
Sr. Antoni Manrique Mata

Coordinators of master’s degree (1)
2 master’s students: – to determine -

(1) Coordinators of master’s degree
Official Master’s Degrees 2023/24
University master’s degree in Social and Labour Rights: Dra. Carolina Gala
University master’s degree in Legal Profession and procura: Dr. Rafael Rebollo
University master’s degree in Enterprise Law: Dr. Eliseo Sierra
University master’s degree in European Integration: Dr. Josep M. de Dios Marcer
University master’s degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice System (interuniversity): Dr. Josep Cid Moliné
University master’s degree in Women Gender and Citizenship Studies (interuniversity): Dra. Olga Paz Torres

Own Master’s Degrees 2023/24
Master’s degree in Business Law (online): Dr. Eliseo Sierra Noguero
Màster propi en Gestió i Dret Local (Barcelona): Dra. Judith Gifreu Font