Equality Committee

The members of the Equality Commission are:

a) The dean of the Faculty of Law who presides over it. Susana Navas

b) The coordinators of each of the degrees taught at the Faculty.
     Núria Reynal (Law)
     Olga Paz (Labor Relations)
     Pepe Cid (Criminology)

c) The directors of the departments of the Faculty.
     Department of Political Science and Public Law: Mª José Cuenca
     Department of Public Law and Legal History Sciences: Claudia Jiménez
     Department of Private Law: Josep Mª De Dios

d) A member of the Faculty's dean's team: Ricard Esteban

e) A representative of the teaching staff (Mª Jesús García Morales) and a representative of the research staff in training (Antoni Abat Ninet) who teach at the Faculty of Law.

f) Three representatives of the student body, one of whom must be the delegate of equality of the students: Mariuxi Meliza Salazar Sosa (Labor Relations); Rocío Gautier Lobo (Law); Nora Navarro Ruiz (Criminology)

g) A representative of the administration and services staff attached to the Faculty of Law (Carmen Benítez Gallego)

h) The person responsible for the equality policies of the Faculty of Law (Mª Jesús Guardiola Lago)

i) The secretary or secretary of the Faculty who acts as secretary of the Commission (Mª Carmen Navarro)