Administrative structure

The Faculty provides a range of services to guarantee support for teaching and research. The administration and service staff provide the services. It is a group that carries out its work in different scopes of administrative and technical support to the Faculty.

The centre administration office coordinates the tasks of administration and organization of the Faculty's services. It is responsible for managing the university services, the administrative and services staff and the budgets in the areas to which have been delegated by the university management. 

It is also responsible for planning the technical and administrative support services to provide support for the development of official academic activities and basic research. 

Centre Administrator: Eva Vila Morros 

Academic Administration Office: Antonio Manrique Mata

Economic Management: Joan Josep Pancho Moro

IT serviceïda: Andreu Pompas Alcaraz

Library: Montse Catafal Benito

Logistical Support and Information Deskón: Alicia Aliága Hernández

The Faculty is open from 8 to 22h, Monday to Friday.
Easter and Christmas holidays: from 8 to 21 h (working days)
July: from 8h to 20 h (working days)
3rd – 16th: from 8 to 14 h (working days)
17th – 31st: from 8 to 20 h (working days)

* General timetable. Each service may modify its schedule.