IT support

Suport informàtic

The Sciences and Biosciences' Distributed IT Service offers academic, research and administrative support to the faculties of Sciences and Biosciences, as well as to all its departments and associated services.

Five support technicians, two intermediate technicians and a head technician are in charge of offering IT support in coordination with a vice dean who acts as the SID coordinator.

Head technician: Carmen Pechoabierto Saorín
Telephone: 93 581 20 30
E-mail address:

 1. Using the software

You will find all the specific software you need for your lectures, as well as general office software.

 2. Using your e-mail account

You can consult your e-mail at all times.

 3. Use of the internet

You can use the academic resources internet offers.

 4. Printing

You can print out all projects and assignments in black and white at the printers/photocopiers located at the entrance of the computer rooms. For colour copies, you can use the Repographic Centre. You can also consult the new online service.

 5. User support

Any questions or doubts you may have should be addressed to the SID staff.

Computer rooms

The Distributed IT Service (SID) is in charge of the maintenance of the faculty's computer rooms, located at the central space of the even and odd C5 pillars and the Pc-5 room located at the C5B module, room C5B/031.


- Eight computer rooms with a total of 198 professional range computers.

Rules for using the facilities

1. You must follow all safety rules and regulations pertaining to the computer rooms (all rules can be consulted at the information panels and also on the SID website).

2. You must identify yourself with your user name and keyword.

3. Always bring your student card with you to be able to identify yourself.

4. No food or beverages are allowed inside the computer rooms.

5. All mobile phones must be silenced or turned off when entering the computer rooms.

6. Please respect all other users in the computer room.