ICT Resource Service

ICT Resource Service

The Faculty ICT Resource Service provides technical support to computer equipment users in the Faculty (teachers, students, researchers, and administrative staff). 

    Office: G6 building (1st floor)

    Telephone number: 935811432/ 935811585

    E-mail address: sid.educacio@uab.cat

Computer Rooms

The service offers 5 computer rooms equipped with a total of 128 PCs with Internet connection.

Opening hours: Mondays to Fridays (8:30am -8:30pm)

Room 1 is of free access all day long.
Rooms 2, 3 &4 only have free access when there are no lessons scheduled.

How to contact:

Cargo  Nombre Horario  Extensión  Email
Jefa  Isabel Castellano 09 a 17h.     1432  isabel.castellano@uab.cat
T. mitjà  Josep Mª Montraveta 14 a 21h.     1585  josepmaria.montraveta@uab.cat
Técnico  Ingrid Sánchez 14 a 21h.     1585  ingrid.sanchez@uab.cat
Técnico  Joan Manel Cuartero 09 a 17h.     1585  joanmanel.cuartero@uab.cat
Técnico  Montse Prieto 08 a 15h.     1432  montse.prieto@uab.cat