Odournet establishes itself in the UAB Research Park
Odournet 16.11.2011 News about Parc  -  Specialising in the measurement and assessment of odours with the aim of reducing environmental impacts, the firm seeks to collaborate with the university, businesses and research centres of the Park.

Odournet is a consulting firm specialising in the assessment and management of environmental odours and in the sensory evaluation of products and materials. The firm now aims to establish itself in the Eureka building and operate amidst university and scientific surroundings, and to build collaboration ties with the university, businesses and research centres found in the Park. In this sense, it aims to promote the technological innovation of the multinational firm it forms part of, the Odournet Holding BV group, with 30 years of experience in the development of equipments for the measurement, assessment and management of odours.

Odournet will select students to form part of their assessment teams and to collaborate in research projects, offering both analysis services and working on transferring the knowledge acquired by Odournet in different countries and industrial sectors.

In its new location at the Eureka Building of the UAB Research Park, the firm will open five accredited laboratories to provide odour testing services using dynamic olfactometers. It will also install a gas chromatography and mass spectrometry laboratory with odorant point (GC-MS-O), specialised in detecting compounds at very low concentrations. With this high resolution technique, chemical and sensorial elements responsible for bad smells can be detected in the samples analysed.

Since its founding in 2000, Odournet has carried out projects for solid waste and by-product treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, for paper and metal industries, refineries, the food industries, and many others. It also has worked with public sectors in Catalonia and Spain, carrying out studies on environmental odour management and collaborating closely with the General Direction of Air Quality and the Environmental Metropolitan Agency of Barcelona (EMSHTR), as well as designing several municipal regulations on odour management.
The Odournet team is directed by Ton Van Harreveld, founder of Odournet Holding BV, and is made up of chemists, biologists, and environmental engineers.

The incorporation of Odournet into the UAB Research Park facilities is a new example of collaborative research between industries and universities; one that helps increase the transfer of research knowledge to industrial applications.
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