Tandem programme bids farewell until next year!

Before going on holiday, the Tandem programme organises a special day to see out the academic year. There will be an international lunch and karaoke for local and international students. Want to practise languages and have a really good time? Don’t miss out! Read more

Surrogacy: A scientific, ethical and legal debate

The debate titled ‘Maternitat Subrogada. El debat científic, ètic i legal’ (Surrogacy. The scientific, ethical and legal debate) on 22 May will reflect on surrogate pregnancy. The debate is organized by the Associacio de Biotecnolegs de Catalunya (ASBTEC) and will be attended by scientific and legal experts. Read more

22nd Springtime Diada Castellera by the Ganapies!

On 11 May, the UAB will be holding the Springtime Diada Castellera by the UAB castellers group Ganapies. From 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. there will be plenty of activities throughout the campus: a butifarra tournament, castells and live concerts. Don’t miss out! Read more

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