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"I'm really looking forward to studying hereditary diseases and cancer"

Interview with Carla Coll, the student who achieved the highest access mark at the UAB: 13.726. She will take Genetics, a subject that she has great hopes for. She is very keen to study hereditary diseases and cancer.


elCens closes its first year

The first year of elCens closes up with 295 delegates inscribed of all 13 UAB faculties. elCens gives visibility to the delegates' task at the university.


Tick the box of the 0.7% campaign in your enrolment for next year

The FAS launches the 0.7% campaign, which encourages students to tick this box in their enrolment for next year and make the contribution of 15 Euros, which will be assigned to the UAB Solidarity Fund. The Fund finances every year development cooperation projects and development through education projects.


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