Training sessions

Training sessions at UAB Libraries are aimed at training and empowering users so that they can use library services and funds and management the information sources and resources offered by the UAB Libraries. This way we aim at fostering users knowledge, attitudes and skills that allow them to use effectively the new learning and research environments, promoting the basic skills and competences of information literacy.

The UAB libraries organize several training activities addressed to the entire university community with the aim of:

  • publicize available resources, tools and services.
  • provide tools to maximize your search, management and use of information in order to carry out your academic work.

We offer face-to-face, online and self-learning courses. Courses are free.

We offer scheduled introductory sessions on the use of the library and the use of specialized information tools, services and resources in person or telepresence through the Teams platform:

  • Get to know your Library
  • Sources of information on a particular subject
  • How to search for information
  • Tools and resources to carry out academic work
  • Copyright
  • Web of Science
  • Scopus

Check the calendar to see the scheduled courses

No virtual courses available in July & August. We'll be back with more courses on September

Virtual courses are a virtual self-learning training. The methodology used is based on: presentations with theoretical explanations, examples to illustrate the concepts presented, quizzes and learning follow-up exercises and links to information of interest that complement the contents. Once you have completed the course and passed all the quizzes you will be able to generate a certificate of completion of the course.

We offer the following courses in three languages: Catalan, Spanish and English:

  • Tools and resources offered by the UAB Libraries to carry out your academic work (Bachelor's degree final Project, Master's degree final Project or Thesis). A maximum dedication of 8 hours is estimated.
  • ACS, APA, CSE, IEEE, MLA o NLM style citations. A maximum dedication of 3 hours is estimated.
  • Mendeley Institutional. Estimated dedication time is a maximum of 4:30 hours.

Access to the form to request a virtual course

The tailored sessions you can request are:

  • Sessions on topics scheduled by the libraries but on dates and times other than those we offer.
  • Sessions on topics not covered in library programming, related to a tool, service or information resource.

A minimum of 3 people is required to teach a session. For a smaller number of users contact the library. The session must be requested at least one week in advance.

Access to the form to request a tailored course

You can request:

  • General visits to know the facilities, sections and services of the Library
  • Visits to find out about a specific service or section of the Library

You can request a guided tour:

  • To new teachers
  • To visiting teachers
  • To your undergraduate, postgraduate, master's and doctoral students

The visit must be requested at least one week in advance. Visits will last a maximum of one hour.

Access to the form to request a visit

The online advice service is a service through videoconferencing through the Teams platform. We offer personalized advice on finding information on a specific topic, as well as on the services, tools and resources of the UAB Libraries.

You can request it using the form below and the expert library staff will contact you in order to schedule the appointment so that they can advise you on your request.

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