Minor in Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation


The main objective of mEIS is to provide the basic competences, both specific and transversal, for the creation and management of innovative projects, particularly projects with social impact.

The Minor provides the necessary tools to generate creative initiatives as well as the knowledge for the analysis of feasibility an implementation of an entrepreneurial project that fulfils mainly social purposes.

Student profile

The mEIS is aimed at students of any UAB degree who wish to complete their basic training with an entrepreneurship approach, especially focusing on the creation and management of innovative social projects.

No previous knowledge in this field is needed to enrol in the Minor.


Faculty of Economics and Business Studies
Academic coordination

Andreu Turró Sol
Department of Business

The price of Minor subjects is the same of the subjects of the degree program where the student is enrolled.

How to pre-enrol for the Minor 
To learn how to pre-enrol in the Minor, follow the instructions in this handbook.