Official Master's Degrees

Admission and pre-enrolment on the master's degree


Once you have submitted your pre-enrolment application, it will be sent to the coordinator for evaluation.

IMPORTANT: This process can last from 2 to 4 weeks, hence do not contact Academic Management before this period ends.

Positive evaluation: the student will receive a pre-enrolment communication with instructions for place reservation via TPV (online payment gateway). Once payment is fulfilled, proof of payment must be sent to Academic Management. Upon reception, a final notice of admission will be issued to the student.

Negative evaluation: the coordinator will send justification with the reason for the denial.

Waiting list: the pre-enrolment application will be placed on hold. The student will be contacted with details and instructions for solving irregularities together with the coordinator. These irregularities must be solved within a three-week period.


Once admitted to the master's programme you need to complete the enrolment within the dates set. Enrolment takes place at the centre on the day and time allocated to you by the Gestió Acadèmica (Academic Management Offices), which you will be informed of by email and telephone.

If you cannot be present to enrol, you may authorise another person to do so in your name. This person must bring an authorisation letter with the details of both persons and signed by both, and a photocopy of both persons' national identity document (DNI) or Tax Identification Number (NIF).

Online students should consult the specific guidelines on enrolment on this type of programme: enrolment guidelines.

Students must bring all the documents needed to enrol on the day and time set. Make sure you have the following.

-Completed enrolment form (download this from the website or collect it at the FUAB Formació offices).
- ID:

• Original and photocopy of your national ID (DNI), passport or ID document (for students from EU countries)

• Original and photocopy of the TIE, or foreigners' ID number (for non-EU students). If you are not yet in possession of the TIE card, you must present your passport and a photocopy of the application for a TIE card. You must present a valid TIE card within four months.

 - Original and photocopy of the degree certificate that qualifies you to join the master's programme, or an official academic certificate accrediting that this has been issued.
- Original and photocopy of the transcript of the degree that qualifies you to join the master's programme, including academic years, credits and grades.
- Bank's direct debit form (only if payment is to be in two instalments)
- Receipt for grant applications that have been made, or the AGAUR financial credential.
- Where appropriate, the following are to be submitted.

• Family concession card: photocopy of the current family concession card detailing all members of the family unit.

• Degree of disability of 33% or above: a certificate to this effect from the Institut Català d’Assistència i Serveis Socials or an equivalent Spanish Autonomous Community body*.

*the corresponding reduction will not be applied if a photocopy of the current document is not supplied.

Bear in mind the following if the degree that qualifies you to join the master's programme is from a university abroad:

Degree certificates and transcripts issued by institutions in the EU, in the European Economic Area or in Switzerland must be official and issued by the competent authorities.

Degree certificates and transcripts issued by institutions not in the EU must be official and issued by the competent authorities, and must have been legalised through diplomatic channels or, where applicable, the Hague Apostille or the Andrés Bello Agreement.

Translation of documents issued abroad:

All documents in Catalan, Spanish or English are admissible. To translate documents in French, Italian or Portuguese, you may use the UAB Language Service (Servei de Llengües). Responsibility for arranging to have the documents translated and the costs involved lies with the applicant. Documents in other languages must be accompanied by a translation into Catalan, Spanish or English carried out by a sworn translator, or by any Spanish diplomatic representative in the applicant's home country.