Official Master's Degrees

New access enrolment

The online registration is easy.!

Read this “step by step” guide to get a quick overview.

Prepare the documentation

You must submit the required documentation to the Academic Management before the assigned enrollment day.

- DNI / NIE / Passport

- Bachelor’s Degree diploma or equivalent that gives access to the Master's Degree

- Academic transcript of the Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent that gives access to the Master's Degree. It must contain the subjects coursed, the ECTS credits (or the hours), the examination calls, the qualifications by subject and the global qualification.

- If you have any gratuity or discount, you must digitalize the supporting documentation and send it through the documentation form before registration.

If you are an international student, consult the information on legalizations and translations.

Submit the documentation

There are two possibilities to submit the documentation:

  1. In person: Bring the original and a copy to the Academic Management with a prior appointment
  2. Remotely: If the documentation has a QR code or Secure Verification Code, it can be sent directly via email to Otherwise, a true certified copy can be made at the Spanish embassy/consulate and then it can be delivered to the Academic Management.

When can you enroll online?

The Academic Management will inform you by e-mail of the online enrollment deadlines and process.

It is very important that you register within the deadlines. If you have any questions, contact the Academic Management of the center at the following address: and/or telephone: 935929710

Prepare the payment

The payment of the tuition has to be completed within ten days after receiving the formalized enrollment document. You can find more information on payment methods and calculate the amount of your tuition with the simulator.

At the end of the registration, if you have chosen to pay by direct debit, you have to download the direct debit mandate (SEPA) and send it signed by means of this e-form.

* Remember that pre-enrollment payment will be automatically deducted from the final tuition.

Online enrolment

Go to the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral Degree Students tab on the application and click on Self-registration of other undergraduates and Master’s degree students.

You will need your NIU and password. If you don't remember them, you can retrieve them at Managing passwords.

For more information please consult the Online registration manual.

If you have to choose electives in your master's degree, you can consult the syllabus and teaching guides on the web page of the master's degree.

If the coordination has indicated that you have to enrol for complementary courses, it is very important that you remember to select them.

The payment of the enrolment fee is made according to the option you have chosen, within 10 days of its formalisation.

Do you have any doubts?

You can check more information by consulting the different sections of the website, or in the FAQ section.

If you have any questions, contact the Academic Management of the center at the following address: and/or telephone: 935929710