Timetables, calendars and syllabuses

The Master’s degree in Archival and Records Management is taught from Monday to Thursday from 4pm to 8.30pm.

See the timetable for subjects by year and semester.

At the beginning of the course the coordinators for each module will explain the assessment system to be applied, specifying the percentage of the final grade corresponding to each.

Modules are assessed in a single session at the end of each semester and entered on an overall grades sheet.

The ECTS credits method involves continuous assessment where all the work done by students is given a grade. ECTS credits are based on the personal work of the student, in all the activities carried out as part of the learning process (class hours, study hours, assignments and placements). One ECTS credit is equivalent to 25 hours’ work by the student. Each academic year is worth 60 credits.

See the dates and periods for the assessment of subject activities


Official Master's Degree in Archival and Records Management