Recognition of foreign studies

You can apply for admission to a degree programme through this path if you have partially or totally completed studies at a foreign university that have not been officially recognised as equivalent to a qualification in Spain. Information can be found in this link.

Access to a Degree through Validation of Foreign Studies - 2023/2024 Academic Year
Who can request admission:
All those students with a partially or totally completed bachelor's degree who did not validate or have an equivalence of their diploma in Spain.

- Submission of application: from 24 February to 31 March 2023
- Publication of resolution: 16 June 2023
- Enrolment: September 2023

Administrative resolution:

Resolution of the places offered and admission criteria applied in validating foreign studies 2023/2024

1. You may apply for enrolment in a bachelor's degree if you have completed 30 or more credits in your previous studies.

2.In order to evaluate your previous studies and validate your credits, the admission committee will take into account the academic results you have obtained up until the last day in which applications are accepted.

3. You will not be able to apply for admission if you have previously enrolled in subjects in which you did not pass them after taking three or more exams.

4. You will not able to apply if, after validating all your credits, you surpass 75% of all credits needed to complete the bachelor's degree you are applying for.

You can apply for admission to a degree programme through:

Request for course changes undergraduates without NIU

Documents to be presented:

  • Copy of any fee waiver document (Large Family Certificate, +33% Disability Card, Victims of Terrorism or Gender Violence in Spain).
  • Covering letter.
  • Original and photocopy of DNI, NIE or passport.
  • Academic certificate or attested photocopy of the transcript, which should mention, where applicable, the field of knowledge to which the studies belong.
  • Curriculum of the previous studies.
  • Syllabuses or course guides for the subjects taken, attested by the previous university.
  • Grading system used by the previous university. 
  • Refusal of approval or equivalence of your diploma in Spain or affidavit if you have not applied.
  • Any other documents that the applicant sees fit to attach.

All documents must be correctly translated and authenticated according to the law in force.

If 30 or more credits are recognised, you cannot use any other path to apply for admission to the university in the same academic year. If between 1 and 29 credits are recognised, you can apply through the university pre-registration path, but only for the degree course and faculty or school indicated in the resolution on recognition of those credits. The grade allocated in this case is a 5 (simple pass). If no credits are recognised, you will need to apply through one of the general procedures for admission.