Participatory processes

Tool for advice and co-creation to define innovation projects

Participatory processes are a tool for advice, reflection and co-creation to define innovation projects and to work together, with the key players, to find concrete solutions.

How do we do it?
During the process we bring together people (experts from the sector, citizens, companies, professionals from the UAB and the territory), with different knowledge, and we make them protagonists of the process. We seek their involvement to define projects, spaces and/or operating models. Taking into account their needs and/or preferences is the key to making them feel involved and to generate community.

What methodologies do we use?
Mainly, we work with Challenge Based Learning and Design Thinking. These allow us to address challenges or opportunities from an analytical perspective and, jointly, imagine possible solutions, providing the tools to visualize them.

For researchers or research centers, participatory processes can be useful for:

 Define and/or co-create an innovative project.
Plan the use of a space.
 Involve citizens, entities and groups in improving life in neighborhoods.

 Diagnose a given situation.

  Assess or propose specific actions.


 Find creative ideas about an action.