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Islands are specially vulnerable spaces to the invasions of exotic plants. UAB researchers have validated this hypothesis in the case of the Oxalis pes-caprae plant species. They have studied its presence in the Balearic Islands. The results show that Oxalis reproduces much more in the islands than in other Spanish continental zones.

Vinagrella (Oxalis pes-caprae)

The history of radioactivity, traditionally considered a mere antecedent of nuclear physics, in has in recent years been subject to a through a deeply historographical review. This new perspective takes into account the social, cultural and industrial implications of this science and serves as narrative framework in Néstor Herran?s thesis. In this...

Anunci d'Aigua Radioactiva

CeRPTA develops new gluten-free bread

Researchers at the Special Centre for Plant Food Technology Research (CeRPTA) at the UAB have developed for the first time, bread with 0% gluten which is greatly superior in quality to the current products available to celiacs. The product has been100% successful in trials carried out. The...

Pa sense gluten

In our chromosomes there are small disorders that generally do not affect us but that can be decisive for reproduction. This is the case for the so-called chromosomal inversions (a change in direction of a chromosomal fragment within the original chromosome). UAB researchers have studied these alterations and concluded that the larger a...

Anomalia cromosòmica