Entrepreneurship, business management and gender

The management of tourism businesses, especially hotels, can be studied by analysing efficiency in terms of production and available resources. Finance and accounting management make up one of the other pillars of this line of research, the aim being to seek out ways to improve the management of tourism businesses.

The close ties between the School and the hotel sector, resulting from placement programmes, job offers and the presence of Hotel Campus, offer a chance to apply theoretical knowledge empirically, which brings added value, both in academic terms and in terms of the tourism sector itself. Accordingly, the School offers its Official Master's Degree in Hotel Management, with over 15 editions behind it.

Entrepreneurship and business start-ups in the tourism sector are another way to link up studies on gender impact, productivity, higher employment in the sector and a new vision of human resources management.

In addition, the School is behind the Centre for University Entrepreneurial Initiatives (CIEU), which promotes and guides entrepreneurial activity both at the School itself and in the UAB as a whole, for its undergraduate and postgraduate students, former students and other members of the community. This initiative could serve as a platform for studying the interrelationships between entrepreneurial projects in the university context and the entrepreneurship already existing in the tourism market.

Exemples of research in this area: