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Multidisciplinary DocHumAn Network

Multidisciplinary DocHumAn Network

DocHumAn: Document analysis and knowledge modeling for cultural heritage actions in Pyrenees region.

This is a multidisciplinary network made up of experts in the different areas of information technology (ICT), image processing,  document analysis and knowledge modelling, as well as experts in the areas of the social sciences such as demography and archiving.  

The aim of the network is to promote collaboration between researchers in different disciplines in the Pyrenean Work Community area in the context of digital humanities for the cataloguing and study of documentary collection that exist in the Pyrenees region.

Financing: Comunitat de Treball dels Pirineus-DGR. 2014.

Participants: Centre de Visió per Computador, ESAGED, Centre d’Estudis Demogràfics, LABRI UMR 5800 Université de Bordeaux, IRIT UMR 5505 Université de Toulouse.