Adaptation and introduction of an ISO 30301 management system

The adaptation and introduction of the school’s Document Management System for auditing and certification in the ISO 30301 Document Management System.

The objectives are to draw up the model of application, develop adequate methodological instruments and achieve the ISO 30301 certificate.

The first results of this proyect has been published on:
Alberch, Ramon; Casadesús, Anahí; Mauri, Alfred; Perpinyà, Remei. (2014). "ISO30301 Certification for the Graduate School of Archive and Records Management: a pioneering initiative". Girona, 2014: Archives and Cultural Industries, 2nd Annual Conference "ICA"; 9th European Conference on Archives; 13th Image and Research Seminar.

Research team: Ramon Alberch, Anahí Casadesús, Alfred Mauri and Remei Perpinyà. Duration of the proyect: 2012-2014.

Financing: UAB Graduate School of Archives and Records Management.