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Family letters of Catalonia (16th-19th century)

Family letters of Catalonia (16th-19th century): inventory, study and dissemination

The project aims to gain a broader understanding of ego-documents to build up an inventory of family correspondence from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century. These letters are held, often randomly and forgotten, in archives and libraries in Catalonia. Exhaustive research is being carried out in all Catalan document centres, from the national archives such as the Archive of the Crown of Aragon, to the provincial, county, municipal, ecclesiastical and heritage collections.

Financing: Spanish Ministry of Science and Research (HAR2016-76560-P)


Research team: Javier Antón Pelayo (main researcher), Montserrat Jiménez Sureda, Alfred Mauri Martí, Remei Perpinyà Morera, Ramon Alberch Fugueras
Working team: Sílvia López Amor
Research support: Alícia Calvo Burés