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Veus: the UAB's informative lectures now available online

21 Dec 2023
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Veus is an initiative launched by the UAB for PhD students, researchers, adminstrative and service staff members, and alumni to share scientific information with society in the form of lectures. The videos of the seven lectures offered in this first edition, and which will be offered each year, are now available online.

Participants a la primera edició de Veus

Veus aims to disseminate knowledge in order to promote scientific culture and the critical spirit of society and to publicise inspiring and transformative ideas that emerge from the university community. The first edition took place, coinciding with Science Week, on 16 November at the UAB Theatre Hall, with the attendance of almost a hundred people.

Nine researchers took part in the first edition of the event: Antoni Palomo, PhD in Prehistoric Archaeology, associate lecturer and passionate about scientific dissemination; Raquel Córdoba, graduate in Psychology from the UAB and disseminator through social networks; José Antonio Bueno, PhD student in Environmental Science and Technology and member of the GICOM group; Marina Campos, graduate in Food Science and Technology from the UAB and disseminator on food; José Ávila, master's degree in History of Science from the UAB and pre-doctoral researcher in the Social Archaeoecology of the Mediterranean (ASOME) group; Irene Subiza, PhD in Clinical Health Psychology and master's degree in General Health Psychology from the UAB; and environmental biologists Martina Arasa, Gina Libai and Sara Bordas, UAB alumni and members of Bionàries, a project for the dissemination of nature.

The lectures presented address ancestral knowledge of textile techniques and the role of women, the relationship between tools and humanity in prehistoric times, microorganisms as sustainable alternatives to chemical industry ingredients, misinformation about food, emotional education for suicide prevention, artificial intelligence to combat climate change and tools to help us improve how we feel about our bodies.

Veus will expand the number of lectures in the future with new calls that will contribute to create a new and great showcase for dissemination of the UAB.

Link to the videos of the lectures offered in Veus 2023-2024: https://webs.uab.cat/veus/xerrades/