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Registration for artistic workshops begins on 18 September

18 Jul 2023
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Monday 18 September marks the start of registration for UAB workshops, artistic training courses and Stable Groups for the 23-24 academic year. The different semester and annual activities promoted by Cultura en Viu offer the opportunity to start or continue learning an artistic discipline with the help of professionals in the sector. All proposals have reduced prices for members of the UAB university community and academic recognition of ECTS credits.

Formació artística 23-24

The different workshops are part of four training and creation classrooms (Music, Dance, Theatre and Writing). With the aim of turning the UAB campus into a constant space for artistic training and creation, each Classroom offers a wide variety of courses and workshops to meet the interests and levels of each member of the university community.

The workshops and courses proposed for the first semester of the academic year 2023-2024 include Contemporary Dance (level 1 and 2), Urban Dances, Chamber Choir, Choir, Introduction to Voice Technique, Orchestra, Stable Theatre Group, Introduction to Theatre Performance (level 1 and 2), Theatre Performance in English, Creative Writing (level 1) and the Viu la Cultura activity. All proposals offer reduced prices for members of the UAB university community and academic recognition of ECTS credits.

Since the creation of the Dance Classroom in the 1995-1996 academic year, workshops led by professional choreographers with extensive experience in this field have always been organised. During the first semester of the 23-24 academic year, UAB members have the opportunity to experiment with the different dance styles of hip hop culture and to deepen their knowledge of contemporary dance techniques, integrating the dynamics of movement, improvisation, creation and use of the stage space.

The Theatre Classroom, which was formed in 1984, organises different training, dissemination and stage creation activities led by leading professionals. The workshops of this classroom are focused on the introduction to theatrical performance in a fun and dynamic way, both in English and Catalan.

The Music Classroom, founded in 2002, aims to create a meeting place for different musical groups. Members of the university community can form part of one of the musical groups that participate in concerts and performances organised on and off campus, such as the Choir, the Chamber Choir and the UAB Orchestra. The members of both groups are regularly involved in rehearsals and concerts throughout the academic year. The Music Classroom also offers a Voice Technique workshop that enables students to develop, care for and enhance their voice.

The Writing Workshops offer the fundamental techniques needed to write narrative fiction and essays. With the help of these workshops, participants can improve their writing skills and gain the necessary resources to begin or perfect their literary works.

Finally, this course you can also apply for a cultural card and enjoy the cultural programme of dance, music and theatre, both professional and amateur, in the UAB Theatre, and the occasional screenings and cycles programmed in the UAB Cinema. The Viu la Cultura activity offers students the possibility of validating two ECTS credits if they attend a certain number of activities and present a final report on one of them.

In order to join some groups, an entrance exam is required. The registration forms are now available for the Choir, Orchestra and Stable Theatre Group auditions. On the form, you must reserve one of the available times to take the level test. If you are unable to attend one of the time slots provided, please contact us to reserve another date. For the rest of the workshops, you have to register online at the Cultura en Viu website. There is a section dedicated to each workshop where you can find specific details (schedules, prices, description) and registration forms.

If you would like more information about our activities, the programme or any artistic concerns you would like to share, you can contact us via email at cultura.enviu@uab.cat, our social networks or our Telegram channel, @culturaUAB. You can also subscribe to our newsletter so that you don't miss out on any new developments in the programme.