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New master's degrees and graduate diploma webpages

11 Dec 2020
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We're premiering our webpages! Our new webages with information on master's degrees, graduate diplomas and specialisation courses are now available, with several improvements in  design, speed, optimisation for search engines and contents.

New master and graduate diploma webpages

We've got good news! We've updated our master's degree and graduate diploma webpages so that all the informaiton you need is available at a simple glance. We've made improvements in design, adaptation to mobile devices, optimisations for your Google search, and a very important update on the upload speed. But what is most important is that we have added a lot more contents: you can read about all the reasons why you should enrol in one of our master's degrees or graduate diplomas. And why enrol at the UAB.

We have specifically added new content which is aimed directly at helping you compare and choose from a variety of programmes, with each programme giving you a few reasons why you should enrol in a specific programme and why at the UAB, as well as videos and testimonials of students who have already finished the programme and recommend it. Also included are career options, programme dates, where lectures take place, whether it is online or face-to-face, the number of places available, the language of teaching, and enrolment fees. And a step-by-step guide to the admission and enrolment process.

You will find major improvements in:

  • A mobile-friendly design, very minimalist and focused on making it as easy as possible to read the different contents.
  • ... But also ready to use with laptops and computers, so you can choose how best to consult the online catalogue on master's degrees and graduate diplomas.
  • Better search engine results, we know you use Google to search for academic programmes and we have been diligently at work to help you find all our UAB programmes quickly and easily.
  • Faster uploads, since we know it's no fun to navigate on a slow webpage, we've been tough at work to make each page upload as quickly as possible.
  • Improvement in contents, with reasons why to enrol in a specific programme and why at the UAB, explained through texts, videos and testimonials by former students. 

The new webpages share the same template as our official UAB bachelor's and master's degrees, and are a huge step forward in providing a more intuitive and simple design that can bring you closer to all of the graduate programmes offered by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. 

For more information please visit:

Master's Degrees and Graduate Diplomas