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New edition of the Nit del Consell Social

13 Oct 2022
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On Thursday 27 October, at 6 p.m., the UAB Social Council will be holding its annual event in which it will award five prizes corresponding to each of the entity's five pillars: University-Society (David Noguera), University-Business (Núria Cabutí), UAB Alumni (Cristina Gallach), UAB Transfer (Salvador Ventura) and a special mention to Irene Miguel-Aliaga.

Nit del Consell Social 2022

The event will also be streamed live on the UAB YouTube channel.

Under the title of “Societies and Universities: going further, together”, the fourth edition of the Social Council Night (Nit del Consell Social) aims to generate a space for dialogue and debate on how links between society and universities can be strengthened and improved.

This year, and after the success of the previous edition, the event will take place in the television studio of the UAB Faculty of Communication Studies, as well as streamed live on the UAB YouTube channel.

The Nit del Consell Social will be presented by Audiovisual Communication student Laia Balaguer, and will include the participation of Gabriel Masfurroll, president of the UAB Social Council, and Javier Lafuente, rector of the UAB.

There is limited seating capacity. All those interested in attending may sign up at the following link.

Five prizes representing the entity's five pillars

The University-Society Prize will go to David Noguera, former president of Doctors Without Borders, for his long trajectory working in the humanitarian field, in governmental organisations, emergency services, countries at war, armed conflicts, violence, natural disasters, nutritional crises and epidemics; a trajectory which culminated in 2016 with the presidencey of Doctors Without Borders Spain, whose mission is to preserve life and lessen the suffering of other human beings.  

The University-Business Prize will go to Núria Cabutí, general director at Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial, for her solid trajectory in the publishing business, which has led Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial to lead the Spanish-speaking market and form part of the five large publishing houses worldwide, with ample experience in working with international teams; and for defending gender equality in businesses in terms of organisation and salaries, sustainability, social responsibility and culture in general.

The UAB Alumni Prize will be given to journalist and diplomat Cristina Gallach for her years of experience in national and international media channels and public institutions, as well as her fight for gender equality and leadership in implementing the United Nations' Agendao 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

The UAB Transfer Prize will be given to Salvador Ventura, researcher at the Institut de Neurociències, UAB, for his contributions in research and knowledge transfer in the field of biochemistry and molecular biology, and specifically in the multidisciplinary study of protein folding and how the loss of their functions and process of aggregation were the origin of numerous pathologies, including several degenerative diseases such as Parkinson's disease.

This year, a special mention will go to researcher Irene Miguel-Aliaga for her international contributions in the field of molecular biology and genetics, both as a researcher and lecturer, since she is also professor in Genetics nad Physiology at the Imperial College London and researcher at the Institute of Medical Sciences, London, as well as having been elected member in 2022 of the Royal Society of London, the most prestigious scientific institution in the world. She has also received several mentios and acknowledgements for the excellence of her scientific research.