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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Marta Bertran re-elected dean of the Faculty of Education

08 Nov 2023
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Marta Bertran, professor in the Department of Educational Theories and Social Paedogogy, has been re-elected dean of the UAB Faculty of Education.

Fotografia Marta Bertran Tarrés

The new dean's team will include Sílvia Blanch as Secretary of the Faculty and Vice Dean for Internships, Lurdes Martínez as Vice Dean for Studies, Marilisa Birello as Vice Dean for Master's Degrees, Quality and Innovation, and Georgeta Ion as Vice Dean for Mobility and Students.

Marta Bertran has lectured in all the degrees offered at the Faculty, the Master's Degree in Educational Research and the Master's Degree in Women's, Gender and Citizenship Studies. She is the coordinator of the research group ATLAS, Critical Intersections in Education. Her research topics focus on childhood and the educational and family trajectories of young people of migrant origin. She has participated in the management of the Department of Theories of Education and Social Pedagogy and was Vice Dean of Students and Mobility. Bertran has been dean of the Faculty since 2020.

First elections under LOSU

Bertran is the first dean to be elected according to the new Organic Law of the University System (LOSU), with a system of election by universal suffrage and weighted voting. In addition to her candidacy, which obtained 54.36% of the weighted vote, the candidacy of Professor Antoni Santisteban, who obtained 45.64%, was also presented. The LOSU establishes that the term of office of the holders of elected unipersonal bodies is, in all cases, six years, non-renewable and non-extendable.