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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Last places: registration now open for Family Day 2024

21 Mar 2024
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On Saturday 4 May, future UABers and their families are invited to discover the UAB campus and enjoy guided tours of the teaching centres.

Dia de les Famílies 2023

On Saturday 4 May the UAB welcomes future UABers and their families to the campus. Last places

UAB opens its doors to high school and CFGS students who want to discover the faculties and schools of the Bellaterra and Sabadell campuses. This May 4th, UAB invites you to explore our campus with your family.

During the Family Day, guided tours of the different faculties and schools will be available, led by the faculty themselves. You will have the chance to see classrooms, laboratories, libraries, and other academic spaces, and even visit specialized facilities like laboratories, radio studios, or simultaneous translation booths.

Additionally, we encourage you to take the opportunity to explore the UAB campus. Throughout the morning, you'll find UABers who will help you navigate. You'll also have the chance to visit the University Village and discover student life.

Don't miss the chance to discover all that UAB has to offer and explore your academic future with your family. All those interested can simply fill out this form.

Some faculties already have shifts with full capacity, but many of the centers still have places.

We look forward to seeing you at UAB on Saturday, May 4th!

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