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Group activities to strengthen ties among young people

06 Jun 2024
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The project "Entre Joves" is based on the need of promoting a fairer, more equal, participative and inclusive society, in which the rights of every person are guaranteed. The project is based on the work of young people from the UAB with young, unaccompanied migrants, and consists in participating in volunteering activities, such as having meetings and exchanges, socailly accompanying migrants, and raising awareness and offering training on issues related to young unaccompanied migrants, the rights of young people, interculturality and anti-racism.

Activitat Laser Tag Entre Joves

In the line of social accompaniment, the project carries out weekly Meeting Spaces, groups of social accompaniment formed by young unaccompanied migrants and young students from the UAB who, once defined the motivations and common availabilities, meet weekly to work and share experiences around different thematic axes. In this 2023/24 academic year, 7 weekly meeting spaces were generated around language exchange, music or sport, and more than 20 young people from the UAB and 19 young migrants participated.

Complementary to this, group activities were carried out, such as the one on 18 May, in which the volunteers and users of the programme participated in a game of Laser Tag, in Barcelona, followed by a lunch together. The objective of these activities is to complement the line of social accompaniment, offering recreational activities in a relaxed and casual space that fosters cohesion among all the participants of the project and allows them to share the experiences of the smaller Meeting Spaces.

More information on the "Entre Joves" programme can be viewed here

This project is funded by the Catalan Ministry for Social Rights and the Ministry for Equality and Feminisms.