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The UAB top university in Spain according to CyD Ranking

23 May 2023
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The tenth edition of the ranking of Spanish universities prepared by Fundación CyD once again lists the UAB in first position and gives it the highest number of high performance indicators of all 80 universities analysed.

Campus de la UAB

Fundación CyD has presented the results of the tenth edition of its CyD Ranking of Spanish universities. This ranking is prepared in association with the international ranking U-Multirank, with which it shares methodological principles and most of the indicators, and some additional indicators more in sync with the Spanish university system. This edition includes the results of 80 universities, 29 fields of knowledge and 3,266 degrees.

The ranking evaluates the performance of universities on the basis of the results obtained in 36 indicators, both for the institutional ranking and for the ranking of the 29 fields of knowledge.

In the 2023 edition, Journalism and Communication were added to those analysed in the previous edition: Architecture, Business Administration and Management, Agriculture, Biology, Earth Sciences/Geology, Law, Political Science, Education, Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, Materials Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Pharmacy, Physics, History, Nursing, Mathematics, Medicine, Dentistry, Psychology, Chemistry, Sociology, Social Work and Veterinary Medicine.

The CYD ranking classifies universities by performance groups, high, medium or low, according to the result obtained in each criterion.

In this edition, the UAB is once again the university with the highest number of high performance indicators in Spain, with a total of 29, one more than in the previous edition.

The criteria are structured in five dimensions: teaching and learning, research, knowledge transfer, international orientation, and involvement with the environment.

In terms of teaching and learning, the UAB is in the high performance group in 7 of the 9 indicators: bachelor's and master's degree graduation rates, bachelor's and master's degree regulatory graduation rate, bachelor's and master's degree performance rates and bachelor's degree success rate. It ranks among the universities with average performance in national attractiveness for master's degrees and in the low performance group in national attractiveness for bachelor's degrees.

In terms of research, the UAB is also in the group of universities with a high performance in 7 of the 8 indicators: external research funds paid and spent, publications per teaching and research staff, normalised impact of publications, highly cited publications, open access publications and postdocs. It is in the medium performance group in research tranches.

In terms of knowledge transfer, the UAB is in the high performance group in 6 of the 8 indicators: private funds paid, publications in collaboration with companies, patents with companies, income from licences, spin-offs and publications cited in patents. In the indicators of patents granted by teaching and research staff and income from continuous training it is in the medium performance group.

In international orientation the UAB is in the high performance group in 6 of the 7 indicators: bachelor's and master's degrees in foreign languages, student mobility, foreign teaching staff, international theses and publications in collaboration with foreign universities. The indicator counting internships abroad is the only one in which the UAB is in the medium performance group.

Finally, the UAB has a high performance in 3 of the 4 indicators related to involvement in its environment: publications with regional entities, internships in companies in the region, and publications with companies in the region; and a medium performance in research income from the region.

The 10 universities in Spain with the highest number of performance indicators in the ranking are: the UAB, University of Navarra, Carlos III University of Madrid, Autonomous University of Madrid, University of Barcelona, Pontificia Comillas, Deusto University, Pompeu Fabra University, Rovira i Virgili University and Ramon Llull University.


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