The Campus visits YouTube version are back!

Visites al Campus Online T4

Laura Pierola and Víctor Rodríguez star in the fourth season of the UAB campus tours "Racons Amagats", a video series that brings UABers closer to discovering interesting places and services that you might not yet know exist.


Don't miss any episode of Campus Visits YouTube version T4, starting with the episode about the campus 3D printers!

In this new season of Campus Visits YouTube version, Víctor and Laura take you to discover the hidden corners of the University, moving away from the well-trodden paths to show you unique and surprising spaces.

The first seasons were focused on exchange programs and university facilities. This year, the fourth season explores the lesser-known places and services on campus. All this in less than 3 minutes and without leaving YouTube!

To be a true UABer, you must know all the corners hidden on the campus. In the first episode, we explain the 3D printing service on campus, which all UAB students can access for free. Are you going to miss it?

Did you know that the idea of “Racons Amagats” emerged as a response to the students' curiosity to explore beyond the common areas? This new series is a perfect opportunity to see UAB from a different perspective and discover all that we don't know about it. Thanks to the warm reception of the first three seasons, we are launching this new installment, where Víctor and Laura take you to less-visited places where you can enjoy both leisure time and the academic environment in a unique and exciting way.

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