Daily timetables

Daily timetables

There are 17 intercity bus lines operating to the UAB daily connecting the campus with a large part of Catalan territory allowing many members of the university community to get to work and study on public transport.

As well as these 17 lines, there are 4 other lines that offer a weekly service to the UAB allowing people to return home at the weekend.

See the lines, routes and timetables:

E3. Barcelona - Cerdanyola - UAB

Last update: 8th September 2023.


Circulates every day of the year.

Operator web: Moventis Sarbus


L690 Badalona - UAB.

Last update information: 8th September 2022.


Operators web: Autocares Font

865. Mataró - Argentona - UAB

Last information update: 8th September 2023.


Operator web: Casas

M1. Olesa de Montserrat-Viladecavalls-Terrassa-UAB

Last information update: 2nd April 2024.

Codi QR Bus TGO

Operator web: TGO

B6. Sabadell - Barberà del V. - Badia del V. - UAB

Last information update: 8th September 2023.


Operator web: Sarbus


753 Manresa  - UAB

Last update information: 26th September 2023


Operator web: Sagalés

365 Santa Perpètua de Mogoda - Mollet del Vallès - UAB

Last update information: 5th September 2023.


Operator web: Sagalés

412. Granollers - Lliçà de Vall - Parests del Vallès - Bellaterra

Last update information: 8th September 2023.


Operator web: Sagalés

L0382. Igualada - UAB

Update: 14th of Spetember 2023.

Operator: MonBus

245. Sentmenat - Caldes - Palau Solità i Plegamans, - Polinyà - UAB

Last update information: 8th September 2023. 


Operator web: Sagalés

Vilafranca del Penedès - St. Sadurní d'Anoia - UAB

Last update: 21st December 2023.


Operator web: Monbus Hispano Igualadina