From February 4th, schedules of the M1 Olesa-UAB line will be extended
Noticia_ampliacio_servei_bus_Olesa-UAB 22.01.2019  -  LEE 2 - Enhancement of collective public transport (UAB Mobility Plan, 2018-24)

From Monday, February 4th, the bus service M1 Olesa de Montserrat-Viladecavalls-Terrassa-UAB will be modified. 

This modification is based on an increase in the number of shipments of the line and the realization of new stops at the UAB. 

Objectives of these modifications are:

  • Improving the connectivity of Olesa de Montserrat and other neighboring municipalities with Terrassa and the UAB, by making the minimum necessary adjustments in the current schedules. 
  • Making the M1 line a more attractive and competitive public transport alternative to other means of transport such as private motorized vehicle. 
  • Optimizing the general service of the line. 

Currently, the line makes 3 expeditions a day, direction Olesa de Montserrat-UAB, and 2 expeditions direction to UAB-Olesa de Monterrsat. 

The internal route in the UAB is carried out through the avenue of the Central Eix, that of Can Domènech, the Travessera de can Miró and the Travessera dels Turons; and make stops at FGC-Eix Central, Eix Central and Medicina-CC.Comunicació. 

From February 4 (included), the line will carry out
5 expeditions in both directions (Olesa de Montserrat-UAB and UAB-Olesa de Montserrat) and 5 more stops will be enabled (in addition to the existing ones) at the UAB Campus (see images 1 and 2). 

The M1 line will continue serving UAB only during school days from September to June. 

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