Exchange applications

Application procedure

1)  Partner universities must send their nominations to before the following nomination deadlines:

1st of May: for starting in September (Fall semester or Full academic year)
1st of November: for starting in February (Spring semester)

2)  UAB will contact the nominees with instructions about how to register and complete an online application at (English), Students, Mobility and Exchange, INcoming students - Signing up and application form within the following application periods:


1st of March - 15th of May: for starting in September (Fall semester or Full academic year)*
1st of October - 15th of November: for starting in February (Spring semester)

*Medicine students MUST ALWAYS apply within the first period, even though they wish to come during the Spring semester.

In order to avoid long wait times, it is recommended to attach a .jpg picture when filling in the online application, so the student card will be ready to pick up on arrival. The picture must meet the following requirements: 176 pixels wide x 220 pixels high and 300ppp resolution.

3)  Once the application is validated, the student will receive an e-mail with a copy of the Acceptance Letter and pre-arrival information. The hardcopy of the Acceptance Letter will be sent to the student's home university as well.

Students should fill in the Academic Agreement, have it signed by the home university coordinator and send it to the Exchange Office of their host faculty at the UAB. Students applying to the Faculty of Medicine are required to send their Academic Agreement before the 30th of June.

Information about courses is available at the web page of each faculty: Teaching Centres. For further details, please contact the Exchange Offices.

See a general approach to the Bachelor's degrees courses delivered in English. 

According to the UAB Exchange policy, students must enrol at least a 50% of their credits at their host faculty (the one appearing in their acceptance letter). In case they are interested in taking courses from other UAB faculties/ schools, they will need the authorisation from all the faculties/ schools.


Students applying to EINA School of Design and Art or to Massana School of Art and Design should complete an additional application. This application and the required documents should be sent directly to the schools. UAB will not accept students without prior approval from the schools.

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