Erasmus+ studies Incoming

General information

Academic calendar 2020/2021

  • First Term (Fall semester): from September 9, 2020 to February 8, 2021
  •  Second Term (Spring semester): from February 8 to July 2, 2021

(These dates include Welcome Days and the exams period).


UAB has 13 faculties and 12 associated schools, offering more than 80 bachelor’s degrees.

Not all the degrees are open to all Erasmus+ exchange students. Check with your International Office the areas of study included in the agreement with your home university.

Language requirements

Courses at UAB are manly taught in Catalan and Spanish. We do also offer some English courses.

For a general approach to the Bachelor's degrees, courses delivered in English you can go here.

Each faculty has its own language requirements. The faculties of Business and Economics, and Political Science and Sociology require a minimum level of B2 in English or Spanish (only for the language of instruction of the courses selected by the student). The Faculty of Communication requires a B2 level of Spanish. For further information, the student must contact the Exchange Office of each faculty.

Live the Campus!

UAB has an ESN Community and other group activities such as American football team, Ganàpies (Catalan human towers), Korean Club, Swing UAB, Gamers UAB…

Students can get involved with the UAB students community through Community Involvement, in programmes such as Tandem, Buddy, Mentor, etc.

  • Do you want to apply to UAB?  If so, click here.
  • Students wishing to apply to EINA, please click here to see the specific requirements.
  • Students wishing to apply to Escola Massana, please click here to see the specific requirements.

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